Hard Hats for Trump!

Some may remember back in the days when real socialism in America was just around the corner–the 1960s, friends–workers, and union workers in particular, began punching hippies and turned their votes to the Republican Party.  These were not good signs for the coming socialist utopia.

Similarly workers, again largely white workers, and a significant number of them union members, also went for Reagan.  Well, it looks like they’ve done it again, with Trump.

I’m not saying Trump swept the union vote.  He just did better than previous Republican candidates.  But by cutting down Clinton’s lead to about 8 points, that certainly didn’t help her, given that she needed to run up numbers in as many Democratic strongholds as possible to beat Trump’s mobilized conservative, Evangelical and white working class support.

There were a few articles reporting on the union vote in the 2016 election right after:  Here, and here and here.  More recent analytics seem to confirm these early polls, but I don’t have a link.



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